Please Call

If you need to escape a domestic violence situation or have been sexually assaulted, please call 888-421-1100.  We are here to help.

VINE Victim Information & Notification Every Day  1-877-UT-4-VINE
Access to information & Notification for: Offender Custody Status
A service provided by the: State Of Utah and Utah's Law Enforcement Community

Victim Services

Domestic Violence Information Line

Rape Recovery Center

Protective Order Information
Salt Lake Area: Legal Aid - 1-801-328-8849
Outside the Salt Lake Area: Legal Services - 1-800-662-4245

Utah Office of Crime Victim Reparations
Salt Lake Area - 1-801-238-2360
Outside the Salt Lake Area - 1-800-621-7444

For other referral services please call
211 - If available in your area

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Organization for Victim Assistance

National Victims Center

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